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YAPC::EU::2010 Newsletter #03 - Here We Go


In this issue:

  • Tickets
  • Guests
  • Training Courses
  • F&F Program Survey
  • Trip to Florence
  • New Sponsors
  • Bits and Bolts


After many sleepless nights of intense pondering, we're glad to announce
that subscriptions are now open! Wheee! \o/

The conference ticket prices are:

  • Regular fee: 100 EUR
  • Student fee (for full-time students): 40 EUR
  • Corporate fee (invoice available): 250 EUR

All prices include Italian VAT (20%).

As in previous years, speakers (lightning-talk speakers not included) will not have to pay for their ticket, so, if you submitted (or are going to submit) a talk, wait until we announce the accepted talks! :-)

Moreover, the subscriptions for training courses are now open as well!
See below for more details about these classes.

You can purchase your conference / training course ticket here:
http://conferences.yapceurope.org/ye2010/purchase . Additional tickets
for the Conference Dinner (sponsored by Booking.com) will be available


Any self-respecting conference has its invited guests. Do you think
YAPCs aren't any better? Here you are ours!

  • Damian Conway

    A well-known member of the international Perl community, Damian is a
    member of the technical committee for The Perl Conference, a keynote
    speaker at many Open Source conferences, and author of the books
    "Object Oriented Perl" and "Perl Best Practices". Most of his time
    is currently spent working with Larry Wall on the design of the new
    Perl 6 programming language and producing explanatory documents
    exploring Larry's design decisions.

  • Allison Randal

    She is the chief architect of the Parrot virtual machine, a member
    of the board of directors for The Perl Foundation, and the Chairman
    of the Parrot Foundation.

  • Dave Rolsky

    A Perl developer since 1999, Dave has created or contributed to
    dozens of CPAN modules. He is a member of the Moose core development
    team, and in early 2009 completed a TPF grant to substantially
    rewrite and expand the Moose documentation. He is also the co-author
    of "Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason and RT Essentials".

  • Larry Wall

    A good fiddle player... Well, frankly, do we really need to
    introduce Larry Wall?

Training Courses

As it happened in several YAPC::Europe editions, this year too we're
going to host training courses before and after the conference itself.
The courses will be run by world class Perl experts, and require a fee
to be attended.

Courses are scheduled for August 2, 3 and 7, and are the perfect
occasion to improve your Perl knowledge at a reasonable price.

These are the courses we are going to run:

  • Understanding Regular Expressions, by Damian Conway
  • Introducing Modern Perl, by Dave Cross
  • Presentation Aikido, by Damian Conway
  • Introduction to Moose, by Dave Rolsky
  • Catalyst 5.80 Master Class, by Matt S. Trout (Shadowcat Systems Ltd.)
  • WxPerl in Details, by Herbert Breunung
  • Effective Perl Programming, by brian d foy

You can find more information on the training courses page

Family & Friends Program Survey

We're organizing the Friends & Family program, that is to say some
activities for anyone who doesn't want to stay at the conference for
three days.

Since we have several options available, be the one who decides by
answering the simple survey available here:

Trip to Florence

On Saturday, August 7th (just after the conference), we're arranging a
daily trip to Florence -- that's why we didn't include Florence as an
option in the F&F program survey. Stay tuned for more info!

New Sponsors

A new Platinum sponsor joined us:

  • Booking.com, that was so generous to fully sponsor the Conference Dinner!

    Booking.com B.V., part of Priceline.com (Nasdaq:PCLN), owns and
    operates Booking.com (TM), one of the world's leading online hotel
    reservations agencies by room nights sold, attracting over 30
    million unique visitors each month via the Internet from both
    leisure and business markets worldwide.

    Established in 1996, Booking.com B.V. guarantees the best prices for
    any type of property, ranging from small independent hotels to a
    five star luxury through Booking.com. The Booking.com website is
    available in 31 languages and offers over 78000 hotels in 76

We have also a new Silver sponsor:

  • Smart Open Software Srl (SOS), a small software firm located in Rome, Italy. SOS is committed to building the best software products possible (mainly web-based), using solely open standards and technologies. SOS' flagship product is an innovative web-based data-mining and DSS software, mainly targeted at the health-care and the banking sectors. SOS has been in business since 2003.

Last but not least, here's a new Supporter sponsor:

  • $foo Perl Magazin, the first german Perl magazine; published every February, May, August and November (PDF and printed).

Bits and Bolts

We're (slowly) populating our brand new conference website. As you might
have noticed, a new "Pisa" menu entry appeared, with useful information
about reaching Pisa, moving around, accommodation and so on. Keep an eye
on it!

You can do your part as well: being an hotel conference centre, the
venue does not close after the conference. It's actually available up to
11pm (!!!), so it's an ideal choice for hackatons and BOF, which are
always one of the most interesting parts of a YAPC. Write down your
ideas on the conference wiki!

The conference wiki http://conferences.yapceurope.org/ye2010/wiki is
writable by any registered user. Don't be shy, use it!

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