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Ottobre 2013

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The Perl Review intervista Ian Langworth


brian d foy intervista Ian Langworth, autore insieme a chromatic di Perl Testing: A Developer's Notebook.

TPR: Who should buy PTDN? What's your target audience?
Ian: Everyone with a credit card! I'm kidding, of course (...) Anyone who has written a Perl test file should find this book entertaining and blindingly useful. In fact, one of the reviewers just instant messaged me about how he's already using his review copy to test the database infrastructure at his workplace. He's actually just beginning to learn Perl and is even using the book as a style guide.

TPR: What's the main thing you want people to learn from PTDN?
Ian: To mangle a classic Perl aphorism, I'd say the book shows that testing simple things is easy and testing seemingly-impossible things is doable. I hope that readers will see techniques for things they've never considered testing. I can imagine people really digging the material and saying, "Gee, it never occurred to me that I could temporarily override Perl's built-in keywords."

Inviato da larsen il 14.07.05 10:38
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